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Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj

Assistant Teaching Professor


  • School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs
  • Engineering Design

124 Hammond Building




  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Tabriz University, 2004


Journal Articles

  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, CJB Macnab, D Westwick and I Boiko, 2014, "Neural-Adaptive Control and Nonlinear Observer for Waste-To-Energy Boilers", Asian Journal of Control, 16, (5), pp. 1323–1333
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, Chris JB Macnab, David Westwick and Igor Boiko, 2014, "Neural-adaptive control of waste-to-energy steam generators", IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 22, (5), pp. 1920–1926
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, Javad Poshtan, Mohammad Reza Jahed-Motlagh and Allahyar Montazeri, 2009, "Nonlinear model predictive control of a pH neutralization process based on Wiener–Laguerre model", Chemical Engineering Journal, 146, (3), pp. 328–337

Conference Proceedings

  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, CJB Macnab, David Westwick and Igor Boiko, 2012, "Neural-adaptive control of waste-to-energy boilers", pp. 5367–5373
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, Chris Macnab and Sharon Friesen, 2011, "Inspiring Girls to Pursue Careers in STEM with a Mentor-Supported Robotics Project"
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, 2008, "ICCP (TASE.2) as a Standard Protocol for Communication Between SCADA/EMS Applications: A Survey"
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, 2008, "Modeling of TNWDCC Distribution Network using CIM Standard"
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, 2007, "Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Wiener-Laugurre Structure"
  • Allahyar Montazeri, Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, Javad Poshtan, Majid Poshtan and MohammadReza Jahed-Motlagh, 2007, "Adaptive Volterra-Laguerre modelling for NMPC", pp. 1–4
  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, Allahyar Montazeri, Javad Poshtan, MohammadReza Jahed-Motlagh and Majid Poshtan, 2007, "Volterra-Laguerre modeling for NMPC", pp. 1–4


  • Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj, , "NeuroAdapt: Applying Neural Networks to Adaptive Control Systems"

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