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Sarah Ritter

Associate Teaching Professor


  • School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs
  • Engineering Design
  • Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship

213 Hammond Building


Research Areas:

Engineering Design; Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship




  • BS, Biomedical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, 2008
  • Ph D, Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2014


Journal Articles

  • Xuan Zheng, Sarah Ritter and Scarlett Rae Miller, 2018, "How Concept Selection Tools Impact the Development of Creative Ideas in Engineering Design Education", Journal of Mechanical Design, 140, (5), pp. 11
  • Meg Handley, Sarah Ritter and Dean Lang, 2018, "Design Your Future: Embedding Leadership and Career Development Into a First-Year Design Course", International Journal of Engineering Education, 34, (2(B)), pp. 632-643
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  • M A Milanick, Sarah Ritter and K Meissner, 2011, "Engineering erythrocytes to be erythrosensors: first steps.", Blood Cells, Molecules & Diseases, 47, (2), pp. 100-6
  • Sarah Ritter, M A Milanick and K E Meissner, 2011, "Encapsulation of FITC to monitor extracellular pH: a step towards the development of red blood cells as circulating blood analyte biosensors.", Biomedical Optics Express, 2, (7), pp. 2012-21

Conference Proceedings

  • Sarah Ritter, Esther A. Obonyo, Andrew S Lau and Sven G Bilen, 2021, "Client-Driven Project on Sustainability within First-Year Cornerstone Design", pp. 1-8
  • Courtney Cole, Jacqueline Marhefka, Kathryn W Jablokow, Susan Mohammed, Sarah Ritter and Scarlett Rae Miller, 2020, "How engineering design students’ psychological safety impacts team concept generation and screening practices", ASME, Virtual, Online
  • Dorcas Kaweesa, Christopher McComb, Jessica Menold, Sarah Ritter and Nicholas A. Meisel, 2019, "Evaluating Idea Quantity and Variety When Using Digital Collaboration Tools to Support Brainstorming in Non-Collocated Teams", Anaheim, California
  • Scarlett Rae Miller, Jacqueline Marhefka, Katie Heininger, Kathryn W Jablokow, Susan Mohammed and Sarah Ritter, 2019, "The Trajectory Of Psychological Safety In Engineering Teams: A Longitudinal Exploration In Engineering Design Education", Anaheim, California
  • Nicholas A. Meisel, Christopher McComb, Jessica Menold and Sarah Ritter, 2019, "Creation and Implementation of a Project Framework to Improve Cornerstone Engineering Design"
  • Nicholas A. Meisel and Sarah Ritter, 2019, "A Flexible, Portable Making Solution to Enable Hands-On Learning with Additive Manufacturing in Cornerstone Engineering Design"
  • Sarah Ritter and Sven G Bilen, 2019, "EDSGN 100: A cornerstone engineering design course"
  • Jessica Menold, Catherine Berdanier, Sarah Ritter, Meredith Handley, Elizabeth Starkey, Margaret Byron, Caitlin Grady, Scarlett Rae Miller and Matthew B Parkinson, 2019, "BUILDing a community of female makers through hands-on experiences in a university MakerSpace"
  • Gabrielle Gundermann, Shweta Sen, Sarah Ritter and Khanjan Mehta, 2016, "Stamping: a low-cost manufacturing method to deposit assays", pp. 605-612
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  • Martin Marino, Shaan Pattni, Max Greenberg, Alex Miller, Emma Hocker, Sarah Ritter and Khanjan Mehta, 2015, "Access to prosthetic devices in developing countries: Pathways and challenges", pp. 45–51
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  • Corinne Dally, Daniel Johnson, Moriah Canon, Sarah Ritter and Khanjan Mehta, 2015, "Characteristics of a 3D-printed prosthetic hand for use in developing countries", pp. 66–70
  • Sarah Ritter, Xiaole Shao, Nicholas Cooley, Mark A. Milanick, Timothy E. Glass and Kenith E. Meissner, 2014, "Blood analyte sensing using fluorescent dye-loaded red blood cells", Optical Diagnostics and Sensing XIV: Toward Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Proc. SPIE 8951
  • Lopez, Sandra C. Bustamante, Sarah Ritter and Kenith E. Meissner, 2014, "Developing strategies to enhance loading efficiency of erythrosensors", Optical Diagnostics and Sensing XIV: Toward Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Proc. SPIE 8951
  • Sarah Ritter and Kenith E. Meissner, 2012, "Loading of red blood cells with an analyte-sensitive dye for development of a long-term monitoring technique", Optical Diagnostics and Sensing XII: Toward Point-of-Care Diagnostics; and Design and Performance Validation of Phantoms Used in Conjunction with Optical Measurement of Tissue IV, Proc. SPIE 8229


  • Sarah Ritter and Susan Beyerle, 2019, "Sketching, Building & 3D Printing: Implementation of a Non-Discipline Specific Making Activity in a First-Year Engineering Design Course"

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