Global Building Network: How Energy Shapes Equity

This panel will be broken into three points of view, and then be a discussion around where they intersect. With only 15 minutes total of slides, the speakers will give some context as to who they are and the organizations they represent, and then break into a conversation around the renewable energy supply, broad-based energy demand, and thinking about the carbon footprint of supply chains. A common thread will be how all of these can shape equity. 

Energy Supply – Transitioning to 100% Renewables 

  • Where does our energy/power come from? 

  • How are we transitioning toward a clean energy supply? 

  • Who benefits from a decarbonized grid, who bears the brunt of dirty energy? 

  • What are the policy drivers, who are the decision-makers, and what is the role of government? 

Energy Demand – Cutting Cost and Optimizing Use 

  • How/where do we use energy? 

  • Why is reducing demand essential for increasing supply of renewable energy? 

  • What is energy burden?  

  • How does efficiency/clean energy support workforce development, public health? 

  • If this is so easy, why is it so hard? 

Supply Chain/Embodied Carbon 

  • You cleaned the grid and stopped energy waste – but you’re not done yet!

  • How industry is shifting to low embodied carbon 

  • Nested scales in the supply chain 

  • What role energy supply/demand play in procurement & how we can ensure small, diverse businesses don’t get left behind 

Lead Convenor: Lisa Conway 



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Media Contact: Samantha Chavanic



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