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Engineering (GE)

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering provides students with a broad foundation in engineering with specialization in a technically and professionally relevant topic. Students choose between the Multidisciplinary Engineering Design option offered at Abington, Brandywine and Great Valley campuses, Applied Materials option offered at the DuBois campus or the Alternative Energy and Power Generation option offered at the Hazleton campus.

From this degree program, students will acquire the ability to work as members of a team toward successful attainment of a common goal, thus preparing them to work in for-profit or nonprofit organizations or to further their studies in graduate school. Typical employment for Bachelor of Science Engineering graduates includes positions such as engineer, product engineer, process engineer, manufacturing engineer, development engineer, and materials engineer. With employment opportunities such as these and others, graduates or the Engineering program can attain professional and economically sustaining employment in their desired regional area. 

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering is offered at the following locations: Penn State Abington, Penn State Brandywine, and Penn State Great Valley; Penn State DuBois; and Penn State Hazelton.

Program Educational Objectives:

The educational objectives of the Bachelor of Science Engineering program are designed to prepare graduates who will:

  • Be employed in public or private sectors in fields such as design, research and development, experimentation and testing, manufacturing, and technical sales
  • Demonstrate a level of competence and expertise that may lead to an increasing level of responsibility and leadership within their respective organizations
  • Communicate effectively and work collaboratively in multidisciplinary and multicultural work environments
  • Recognize and grow an appreciation of the global, environmental, social, and ethical contexts of their work
  • Be committed to lifelong learning to enhance their careers and provide flexibility in responding to changing social and technical environments, which will enable graduates to pursue advanced degrees or certificate programs

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Contact information 

Penn State Abington
Robert Avanzato

Penn State Brandywine
Asad Azemi

Penn State DuBois
Daudi Waryoba

Penn State Great Valley
Kathryn Jablokow

Penn State Hazelton
Wieslaw Grebski



The School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP) delivers effective engineering education through active, collaborative, project-based, and professionally oriented classroom experiences. SEDTAPP offers a variety of programs that partner faculty, students, and industry in the study of real-life engineering problems. Our programs teach students to solve real-life problems with innovative solutions. 

School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs

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