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Engineering Leadership Development Minor Courses

The ELD Minor is an 18 credit minor structured to allow customization based on student career goals and interest. Students interested in the ELD minor should work closely with their academic advisor within your degree program to determine which courses will count toward engineering electives or professional electives.

The course list shown on this webpage list the required courses to complete the minor. Minor courses may not automatically fulfill minor requirements on your degree audit and will need to be corrected by the program. If you are getting close to graduation and would like to confirm that you have fulfilled all requirements, please email

Required Courses

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles

3 credits (fall, spring, and online in fall, spring, and summer)

Students learn about leadership concepts, principles, and theories through discussions, projects, and readings. A grade of C or higher in this course grants you admission to the minor and eligibility to take our remaining courses. Online sections of ENGR 408 are designed to support students at Penn State's campuses who would like to complete the minor. 

ENGR 407: Technology-Based Entrepreneurship

3 credits (fall and spring)

Students learn about business and entrepreneurship through risk-taking, creativity, and innovation. This course helps students recognize their own ability to lead a team and move a product from idea to market through many challenging and exciting projects. The course is designed to increase students' team-working abilities, as well as leadership competencies. 

Choose six credits: 

ENGR 409: Leadership in Organizations

3 credits (fall and spring, online in summer)

This "mini MBA" course includes the analysis of exemplary organizations. This course offers students the unique opportunity to travel domestically to some of these organizations to learn first-hand what it means to be an engineering leader. Spring ENGR 409 offerings include a domestic travel component. 

ENGR 422: Leadership of International Virtual Engineering Teams

3 credits (spring ONLY)

This course focuses on leading international virtual cross-cultural, interdisciplinary teams in developing engineering solutions relevant to today’s global economy. Students will have opportunities to work with students from other countries on a semester-long project. This course is only offered in the spring semester. Students’ successful completion of this course provides eligibility to travel to finish the project with their international peers during the Maymester.

ENGR 405: Project Management for Professionals

3 credits (online in fall, spring, and summer)

This course covers the essential concepts and skills needed to make effective contributions on projects, on time and within budget.

ENGR 410: Coaching Skills and Practice for Engineering Leaders

3 credits 

This course will build on core skills developed in the engineering leadership development minor. The goal of the course is to provide experiences for engineering leaders to practice leading teams through the design thinking process by incorporating coaching skills.  Students will build knowledge and skills in coaching engineering teams to develop creative and innovative solutions as well as support leadership development of peers through team project experiences. The course centers on experiential learning by providing an organizational structure of student teams reporting to assigned leader-coaches on project progress.  Leader-coaches will observe team leadership effectiveness and provide feedback to teams and coach teams throughout the project process.  Student leader-coaches will also practice giving feedback to individuals to help in personal leadership development.  Students will be exposed to observing leadership performance in peers, conducting performance reviews, and practicing empowering strategies to build team cultures that foster innovation and creativity.

ENGR 496: Independent Study

3 credits

This option is for students in the Schreyer’s Honors College.  If you choose to do your Honors Thesis within an engineering leadership discipline, the ENGR 496 independent study can be applied for 3-credits towards the completion of the ELD Minor.  If you are interested in this option, please email and a faculty member will be in touch to discuss this option. 

Elective Courses

6 credits

Select from more than 150 elective courses.

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