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Client-Centered Design

Client-centered projects give students real-life design experience while giving the clients cost-effective design solutions. Below are samples of recent design projects. 

First-Year Design

Each semester, more than 500 first-year engineering students are given a common design project. They brainstorm, prototype, and present their solutions to the clients. Clients who are interested in idea generation by hundreds of creative students may be interested in sponsoring a first-year design project. Below is a description of a previous design project.

For more information, visit the Engineering Design 100 website

Industry Clients 

If your company is looking for a unique way to impact first-year engineering design education at Penn State, consider sponsoring an EDSGN 100 design project.

Why do we run an industry-sponsored design project?

Students find the industry sponsorship of these projects to be extremely relevant as it gives them an understanding of what they will be doing as engineers when they graduate.

Projects sponsored by industry tend to be multidimensional and highly interdisciplinary, allowing us to include a broad range of practical topics such as economics, management, customer needs, benchmarking, decision-making tools, and ethics.

While many projects have been product design, we have also done component design, service (and system) design, and process design projects. What are the benefits to your company?
Exposure of your company to approximately 450 students for a semester. The project may also be used in corporate and university press releases.

Prolific idea creation, with market value, that is documented in web reports of over 100 four-student teams. These teams tackle your design problem and document the entire design process, from customer needs assessment concept generation and selection to documented final design model or prototype.

Early identification of students for internships and future hire. Past sponsors have hired student interns and full-time employees from the pool of students who worked on their industry-sponsored design project.

For more information, visit the Engineering Design Project website

Faculty Opening

To discuss your interest and possible projects, please contact:

Sven Bilén
Head, School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs
Professor of Engineering Design, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
213 Hammond Building
University Park, PA 16802



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