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Engineering Design Academics

The Engineering Design Program is an interdisciplinary program with activities in all fields of engineering and beyond. It is home to a dedicated group of approximately 25 engineering faculty who teach and research in design. We value new perspectives and enjoy our collaborations with colleagues in fields ranging from business and architecture to psychology and medicine.

The EDP offers:

  • Engineering courses taught in a studio environment where hands-on learning is emphasized
  • Courses taught at every level of undergraduate and graduate education
  • Opportunities to study engineering design in international contexts including France, Germany, Peru, Singapore, Spain, and South Africa
  • Client-sponsored design projects that provide opportunities to work on real-world problems
  • The award-winning EDSGN 100 - Introduction to Engineering Design that is taken by nearly 2,000 students at University Park and more than 300 at the comonwealth campuses each year
    • Students intending to major in computer science and engineering do not take EDSGN 100. Students intending to major in architectural engineering take EDSGN 130: Architectural Graphics and CAD
  • A certificate in Engineering Design that both serves the need for employers for engineers with interdisciplinary design skills and provides a pipeline for students who will pursue graduate studies in engineering design
    • A minor is also planned
  • Upper division courses in Innovative, Integrated (I2) Design, Sustainable Design, Additive Manufacturing, Global Design, and Design for Comunity Development
    • These courses are often accepted as technical electives, as well as the engineering entrepreneurship minor

Honors Thesis

In May 2006, Engineering Design was approved by the Schreyer Honors College (SHC) as an honors thesis area, with EDP as its designated home.

All tenured and tenure-track faculty in the engineering design program, including affiliate faculty, and any other EDP faculty with graduate faculty status may serve as an honors thesis supervisor in Engineering Design. The honors thesis will be signed by the honors thesis supervisor for that thesis when it has been satisfactorily completed. It must also be signed by the EDP honors adviser.

A scholar’s “area of honors” is tied to the honors thesis, so regardless of what honors course work the student may take, the student earns honors in the area of his or her thesis research.

EDSGN 494H is established with variable credit to support honors thesis work in engineering design.

Click here to learn more about honors thesis in engineering design.

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The School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP) delivers effective engineering education through active, collaborative, project-based, and professionally oriented classroom experiences. SEDTAPP offers a variety of programs that partner faculty, students, and industry in the study of real-life engineering problems. Our programs teach students to solve real-life problems with innovative solutions. 

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