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Darryl Farber

Assistant Teaching Professor


  • Engineering Dean's Office

112 Transportation Research Building


Interest Areas:

Strategic foresight and analysis of engineering systems and policy for security and resilience; Risk-informed decision making and multiple-stakeholder negotiations; Ethics and the philosophy of technology




  • Ph D, Technology Management and Policy, 1999


Book Reviews

  • Darryl Farber, 2009, Review of Engineering in Context, Edited by Steen Hyldgaard Christensen, Bernard Delahousse, and Martin Meganck, Denmark: Academica

Journal Articles

  • Darryl Farber, Douglas Melton and Monty Alger, 2020, "Building a Meta-University", The Bridge, 50, (4)
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Conference Proceedings

  • Darryl Farber, Martin T Pietru andha, , 2015, "A Socio-technical Analysis of Interdependent Infrastructures among the Built Environment, Energy, and Transportation Systems at the Navy Yard and the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region, USA"
  • Darryl Farber, 2010, "The Design of Evolving Engineering Systems", Proceedings of the Forum on Philosophy, Engineering, and Technology


  • Darryl Farber, 2015, "Forum: Grand challenge for engineers", Issues in Science and Technology, Volume XXXI, (Issue 2,), pp. 1
  • Darryl Farber and Martin T. Pietrucha, 2009, "Using Scenario Planning to Develop "Judgment" for Dealing with Engineering Systems", pp. 222-223
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  • Edward Klevans and Darryl Farber, 2005, "Chernobyl", pp. 312-317

Research Projects

Honors and Awards


Service to Penn State:

Service to External Organizations:

  • Participation in or Service to Professional and Learned Societies, Board Member, Treasurer and Executive Committee Member, Counicl of Engineering Systems Universities, 2020



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