Industry Partners, Alumni and Friends

Since its creation in 2002, the E-SHIP program has had thousands of students participate in E-SHIP courses. We have also worked with many independent businesses and industry partners. Each person that works with the program, whether student or sponsor, is an important part of our history.

How You Can Support E-SHIP & the technology-based cluster

The technology-based entrepreneurship cluster relies on the support of our friends, industry partners, and alumni to produce dynamic courses. How can you support the minor? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Share a story (to be posted in our media center) about your experiences in the minor course, on a project, or as an entrepreneur.
  • Mentor a student team or entire class. A new perspective often gives students inspiration to start their own businesses.
  • Provide a project for a class. E-SHIP classes have performed market analysis, provided repositioning advice, and even redesigned products for existing businesses. Any new intellectual property can be assigned back to the sponsoring company or individual.
  • Fund an E-SHIP course or special project. Your gift may support an up-and-coming entrepreneur or help develop the next great invention. A contribution to E-SHIP is an investment, not a donation!

The E-SHIP program was founded thanks to a grant from the GE Learning Excellence Fund and the Penn State Leonard Center. The program is now partially funded through the Gaelen Endowment for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Leadership, the E. V. Bishoff Engineering Entrepreneur in Residence, the Keen Endowment for Engineering Entrepreneurship, and the Eberhardt Endowment for Entrepreneurship in Engineering.

Industry Partners

Some people see entrepreneurial start-ups and existing large industries as polar opposites. In fact, every major corporation starts with one or two key people and a good idea. While some students will strike out on their own, many will go on to use their entrepreneurial skills in existing businesses. With technical, business, and creative skills, E-SHIP graduates are destined to be innovators and leaders in the corporate world.

How can your company partner with E-SHIP?


To keep the program strong, the E-SHIP courses often engage in collaboration with industry partners. Previous partners have provided materials for class projects, given lectures and factory tours, and funded projects within courses.

While our students gain hands-on knowledge of the business world, our industry partners profit as well. By working with E-SHIP, your company will reap the benefits of classes full of technically adept students focusing on the success of your product. Several companies have developed concepts brainstormed by E-SHIP students. Others have discovered bright stars for internships and full-time employment.


If your company hires student interns or co-ops, talk to E-SHIP! After their classroom training, E-SHIP students are eager to use their skills in the workforce. E-SHIP interns and co-ops are more technology- and business-oriented than their peers. Contact the Engineering Career Resources and Employer Relations Office in the College of Engineering to learn how to search for E-SHIP students seeking internships and co-ops.


Because of their entrepreneurial mindsets and leadership skills, E-SHIP graduates spend less time adjusting to full-time employment and quickly become key players in every field of industry. With their extensive training and real entrepreneurial experience, E-SHIP graduates bring a new perspective and new energy to their employers. To find E-SHIP students looking for full-time employment, contact Ted Graef, director. 



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