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About Engineering Technology at Penn State

Penn State offers degrees in both engineering and engineering technology. Both fields focus on problem-solving in a technical environment. But how do these fields differ, and which is the right choice for you?

Engineers use theory and advanced mathematics to solve problems.

Engineering technologists and technicians use a practical, hands-on approach to problem solving.

Typical descriptors for engineering and engineering technology include:

Typical Descriptors for Engineering and Engineering Technology
Engineer Engineering Technician/Technologist
Conceiver Achiever
Planner Producer
Expert Expediter
Masters systems Masters details
Originator Completer
Theoretical Practical
Works with mind Works with hands

Job Functions

Engineering technologists and technicians are in demand. Penn State has high placement rate for its engineering technology graduates. Most of our graduates stay in Pennsylvania, but our programs receives interest from employers all over the country.

The following graphic illustrates the general job functions for engineering and engineering technology graduates.

graphic showing job functions

Why choose Penn State?

Penn State has been delivering programs in engineering technology since 1953, and is one of the largest providers of ABET-accredited engineering technology programs in the country.

More than 90 percent of our graduates surveyed approve of the way our engineering technology programs have prepared them for the job market. Additionally, 86 percent of these graduates point to the quality of Penn State's faculty as a major strength of our programs.


Engineering technology programs are offered at non-University Park locations to ensure availability to the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Campus environments range from urban to rural and offer a variety of activities and services. Some campuses serve primarily a commuting population while others offer on-campus or nearby residential housing options. Faculty members work closely with local and regional employers to give students the real-world knowledge and skills to perform effectively in a rapidly changing and highly technical workplace.

ABET Accreditation

Many of our programs are accredited by ABET, the recognized U.S. accreditor of college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. Accreditation ensures the quality of the postsecondary education students receive. Many state boards of professional licensure require graduation from an ABET-accredited program.

Penn State Pride

Penn State offers ten engineering technology programs at nine campuses around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The curriculum for each program is identical at every campus, so you’ll get the same quality education at each location. Most importantly, you’ll be part of Penn State—a university with a tradition of excellence!