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Engineering and Community Engagement Certificate

The International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE) seeks to nurture service learning in engineering as a distinct body of knowledge. A primary purpose of the journal is to foster inquiry into rigorous engineering design and research and to direct those efforts to service-related projects. The examination of cultural appropriateness and its inclusion in design and research efforts is emphasized along with the application of appropriate technologies. Focus is also placed on associated service learning pedagogy and the dissemination of project results.

The Engineering and Community Engagement Certificate Program at Penn State provides the academic home for students who desire to gain skills and experience in leading design/build teams to help solve problems of marginalized communities. The certificate program serves to provide students with the academic framework to incorporate coursework into their degrees, which not only counts toward their degrees, but concurrently broadens their experience with communities and assessment of those communities, resulting in the design, construction, and implementation of appropriate solutions. The certificate program emphasizes academic preparation in community engagement and cultural background along with a focus on appropriate technologies, project management, and economic sustainability, culminating in the host country design/build project.

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