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E-SHIP courses are designed to encourage entrepreneurial thinking, regardless of your academic background. The minor consists of 12 credits of core courses and 6 credits of electives. One core class is tailored by major - engineering students learn business basics, while non-engineers learn about technology. Other classes combine all majors to let the creativity flow.

Several of our courses are shared with the Engineering Leadership Development Minor, so you'll also learn how to lead a business team in any setting.

Follow the links below for listings of our core courses in the University Bulletin.


Students interested in the E-SHIP minor must meet three important qualifications to be fully enrolled:

  • Declare a major field of study. (Most students are in-major when they are in their 4th semester or higher.)
  • Complete ENGR310 - Entrepreneurial Leadership. After taking this "gateway" course into the minor, you'll know if E-SHIP is right for you.
  • Submit the application for entry into the minor. Many students complete this form with the E-SHIP Minor Director to plan courses and establish a timetable for completing the degree. The application can be completed at any time.

By planning ahead and enrolling in the right classes, you can complete the E-SHIP minor and still graduate on time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After enrolling in the E-SHIP minor, we recommend that you register with Career Services. Many businesses are searching specifically for E-SHIP minors, and Career Services is the fastest way to meet these employers. Engineering majors interested in internships and coops should also register with the Engineering Coop and Internship Office. This office devotes 100% of its placement services to finding coop and internship opportunities for engineers.

Major-specific Information and Resources for Enrolling in the E-SHIP Minor