Engineering Design Certificate

Surveys of recent engineering graduates from Penn State show that over half of the respondents have design responsibilities, and the number is rising.  The Certificate in Engineering Design is for those students who enjoy engineering design and who want to have an edge in getting their first job.  It emphasizes

  • powerful new design methods that have application in most fields of engineering;
  • new interdisciplinary applications of design such as design for sustainability, innovative design, design for human variability, global design, and affective design; 
  • interdisciplinary integrated design involving two or more distinct fields of knowledge. 

Engineering students in different majors have required design courses in their majors already.  This design certificate is a measure of adding at least 9 credits of interdisciplinary design courses and/ or project experiences beyond those that are required, some or all of which might be in the major of the student.

Print the Engineering Design Certificate information sheet.